TELETEL S.A. - Innovation Greece
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TELETEL S.A. is a leading software and hardware development SME based in Greece and founded in 1995, committed to offer innovative turn-key solutions to its customers setting industry standards and delivering a wide range of cost-effective products. The company specialises in the leading-edge areas of Space, Defence and Aeronautics.

Firmly established in a highly competitive global market, TELETEL has been an approved development house for well-established manufacturers of space products, defence systems and aeronautics equipment. Working closely with the European industry, TELETEL holds an excellent record of important customers including AIRBUS DEFENCE & SPACE, THALES ALENIA SPACE, OHB, EUROPEAN SPACE AGENCY (ESA), THALES AIR DEFENCE, DASSAULT, SYDERAL, SPACEBEL, TERMA, OIP SENSOR SYSTEMS, KOREA AEROSPACE INDUSTRIES, NORCATEC, NEC SPACE and many other reference companies.

 Our main competence

Our main competence is the provision of system, software & hardware solutions for Defence and Aerospace systems. TELETEL’s engineering teams specialize in the design, development and testing of leading edge technology electronic systems and high reliability embedded software. TELETEL provides:

SW development services including on-board SW for avionics and space missions, ground software for aerospace and defence applications, real-time SW for Radar systems, Command & Control applications, network communication protocols and Simulation SW.

Electronics development services including FPGAs, RadHard design, VHDL coding, PCB design, behavioral testbenches for IP Core verification.

Test Benches (EGSE/SCOE) and Automated Test Equipment (ATE) for Instruments, mechanism drive electronics, Digital / Analogue / Hybrid electronic subsystems, interface boards.

The iSAFT product line for aerospace on-board data networks validation including SpaceWire, 1553, CAN, TTEthernet, SpaceFibre, other.

The company has also coordinated or participated in various R&D programs funded by the European Union (EU), the European Space Agency (ESA), the Galileo Supervising Authority (GSA), the European Defence Agency (EDA), National Research Bodies and industrial consortia.