Helbio Profile
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Helbio Profile

HELBIO is a high-tech company established to commercialize fuel processing technology. It is based in Patras, Greece.

HELBIO develops and markets hydrogen production systems, either for industrial use or integrated with fuel cells for Combined Heat and Power (CHP) production. Products developed by Helbio, offer the highest efficiency levels in current market, combined with high environmental friendliness.

  Our product

The Prometheus5 product proposes an alternative solution for power and heat generation, using hydrogen and fuel cells. The system is designed for dual operation, to function either as a stand-alone power system delivering up to 5 KW of electrical power or as a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) system delivering additionally up to 7 KW as thermal energy. The 5 KW power system used is multi-fuel fed and uses a low-temperature Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell (PEMFC). The system can be used either for stationary applications (e.g. telecommunication stations, households and other building) or for mobile applications (boats and trucks for auxiliary power).

 Commercialization of Helbio’s system will result in:

High Efficiency level, since the Electrical Efficiency of Prometheus 5 is greater than 35%, while Total Efficiency exceeds 85%

Reduced Maintenance cost: Prometheus5’s costs are expected to be less than 50% compared to the maintenance cost of conventional power generators due to simplicity of construction

Improved safety (no flames)

Dramatically reduced emissions (Prometheus5 emits 170 times lower amounts of NOx and HC, 27 times lower amounts of CO and zero amounts of SOx)

Very low noise and vibration levels

HELBIO has developed the proprietary Heat Integrated Wall Reactor (HIWAR) as well as proprietary catalysts for the production of hydrogen. Products developed by Helbio, offer very high efficiency levels, combined with high environmental friendliness.

  Our target audience

HELBIO is looking to partner with collaborators, with established sales network and contacts in various industries in order to promote the innovation & the products.

Venture Capitals & Investors interested in the Energy sector, are also of high priorities.

HELBIO is aiming to enter the following  markets: on and off – grid houses and buildings, marine segment,  telecommunication stations and transportation (Hydrogen Refuelling Stations).


Country Greece
Contact Person Mrs Stella BOURA
E-mail s.boura@helbio.com
Phone +30 6977 999351
Website http://www.helbio.com/

  Why us

Helbio S.A. is one of the highly innovative SMEs which have been selected and awarded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020  SME instrument phase 2, in order to commercialize Prometheus5.

HELBIO, in collaboration with other companies was awarded a grant under the H2020, to develop, build & validate a 50 kWe PEM CHP system running on natural gas. Helbio is also a partner in WASTE2FUELS project, which aims to develop next generation biofuel technologies capable of converting agro food waste (AFW) streams into high quality biobutanol.