Repado - Innovation Greece
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Repado is a certified Software Development house specialized in the Life Science & Healthcare industry. Since 2007, we design and offer innovative software products & services which meet the high-quality standards of the Medical sector. Our affiliated companies include a worldwide network of partners such as Medical Device Manufacturers, Hospitals, Laboratories and Research Institutes.

  Our services

From the initial concept through to the finished product deployment, we will help you develop the most reliable and cost-effective approach for building your B2C, B2B, M2M or IoT medical software application. In addition, we will guide you through the Regulatory path for certification (CE, CE/IVD).


  Our quality

Proving our expertise in the medical field, Repado has a certified Quality Management System in accordance to ISO 13485:2016. As such, we are the ideal software partner for the design, development and servicing (post-release activities) of software that is used either as part of a medical product i.e., embedded software, or as standalone alone medical product i.e., SaMD, and targets regulated markets (MDR/IVDR/FDA).

  Our products

Our extensive R&D experience and the deep understanding of the healthcare sector, enable us to develop innovative, high quality software products for the Life Science and Medical Industry. Solution like LTM – an innovative medical device support & management IoT platform, and SWISTM– a software which simplifies the control & configuration of pipetting instruments, are part of the company’s portfolio.


Innovation is the cornerstone of our philosophy. Driven from our passion and creativity for new things, we are constantly monitoring market research trends and evaluating new technologies. Our goals are to (i) generate ideas which can lead to new product development (ii) offer unique services to our customers (iii) attract the best talents (iv) differ from competition and (v) create new market streams.