Academy of Entrepreneurship - Innovation Greece
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Academy of Entrepreneurship

The Academy of Entrepreneurship (AKEP) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization founded in 2007 by the historical Educational Association of Athens “HFAISTOS”. Its aim is to create a healthier entrepreneurial environment on a national and European level by the cultivation of the essential entrepreneurial attitude and transfer of the necessary knowledge to new and active entrepreneurs who wish to run effectively their businesses and expand their operations, supporting the realisation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Since 2010, AKEP has been participating (as coordinator or partner) in more than 40 European research projects that support entrepreneurship development and employability in various sectors. Through its projects’ activities, AKEP’s key staff has developed expertise in many business sectors, namely Agri-Food, Culture, Tourism, Sustainable Development, VET and professional training.


AKEP is also an intermediary organisation for the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs, a cross-border mobility programme for new entrepreneurs and SMEs that offers opportunities for exchange of know-how, networking and international cooperation. AKEP is an exclusive representative of the IdexLab ( in Greece, an open innovation platform that supports innovative SMEs.


Furthermore, the organization is a member of the Euclid Network for Social Enterprises ( AKEP has also been nominated as the official National partner for Greece for the Startup Nations Global Network ( and constitutes an important communication channel for startup entrepreneurs and policy makers worldwide.


Last but not least, AKEP has built strategic partnerships with NGOs, Universities, Education providers and clusters. To name a few, the organization works together with Organisation Earth, Aephoria – Bluegrowth, Institute of Entrepreneurship Development, New Agriculture New Generation and the Federation of Hellenic Associations of Young Entrepreneurs towards the development of entrepreneurship, digital transformation and sustainability.