Planetek Hellas (PH) - Innovation Greece
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Planetek Hellas (PH)

Planetek Hellas (PH) is a Greek company founded in Athens in 2006 and member of the Planetek Group that since 1994, operates in the field of Earth Observation Applications, Spatial Data Infrastructure and software development for the “on board” and “ground” space segments.

In the field of Earth Observation Applications, Planetek Hellas provides solution-oriented services for environmental & critical infrastructure monitoring, urban planning, civil protection, security and defense.

Furthermore, Planetek has designed, built and commercializes Rheticus, the trademarked award-winning Geospatial Analytics Platform, through which the company’s solutions are offered in the global market. Rheticus has revolutionized the traditional Earth Observation market whose main characteristic has always been the ad hoc offered services (project based). Rheticus represents a disruptive approach of IaaS (Info as a Service) globally scalable, subscription based with low recurrent costs that integrates state-of-the-art technologies of now days such as HPC, Cloud, AI and Internet

Planetek is one of the very few European Space companies having activities in all the space segments:




For the upstream, Planetek, prototypes and commercializes the SPACE product line of on-board Software tools that extent from the payload testing activities on the ground, up to the compression on board of satellite EO Data and the Attitude and Orbit Control of the satellite mission. Planetek offers within its SPACE product line the European Patented SpaceOP3C product  for onboard compression and clouds classification in Hyperspectral and Multispectral satellite data.

Planetek has also designed, developed and commercializes for the MidStream sector Hermes (Ερμής), an innovative Cloud/Web based Mission Operations & Control Software System. Currently used

Planetek Hellas (PH)