AgroApps - Innovation Greece
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AgroApps was founded in 2015 by a team of experienced agronomists and IT specialists, who had a deep understanding of the agricultural sector and saw the growing need for technological support and effective forward-thinking IT solutions. The company’s mission is to put technology in the services of the agricultural sector, through the development of sustainable solutions. The high level of expertise, in combination with the constant research and drive for excellence, gives AgroApps special dynamic for offering a wide-range of ICT services that help farmers and other industry stakeholders understand the fields in ways that were not possible before.


AgroApps uses and combines sophisticated mathematical models, machine learning technologies, satellite and meteorological data and crop development models to build solutions and customized services for the private and public sectors worldwide. The company has a set of IT solutions that address real life challenges touching upon the benefits of sustainable agriculture and the complex farm management decision-making process. AgroApps solutions help the agricultural stakeholders protect and improve their operations, guide more informed agricultural decisions and get the most out of their land.

  Partnerships & Awards

In 2020 Space Hellas, an established System Integrator and Value Added Solutions Provider, became strategic investor in AgroApps, joining forces to further develop new innovative applications and services for the primary sector. AgroApps has also managed, during its six-year of operation, to establish important collaborations in Greece and abroad and obtained important distinctions. In 2018, the company constituted one of the three runners-up of the Copernicus Masters Competition (Airbus Challenge) of the European Committee, while in 2019 it was awarded the first prize in the start-up enterprises competition which took place during the Digital Economy Forum in Athens, by the Greek IT and Communications Companies Association.