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ETME Peppas & Synergates EE is a company founded in the 70s with a strong innovation profile and a long track record of involvement in major environmental infrastructure Works in Greece. For the first 35 years it has been active as an engineering consultant in Hydro infrastructure works such as dams, weirs, canals, irrigation works, aqueducts, flood protection, ocean works and drought protection heavy infrastructure works. It has a proven track record and know how in the all the stages of major engineering works, from initial design, to final construction drawings, to construction and high level management of Hydro and National Level infrastructure works of Works worth of 1,04 Bn Euros, such as ATHENS 2004 OLYMPIC GAMES the Athens Aqueduct and many others. During the last 10 years, the company has expanded its area of interest into the renewables and R&D in the fields of Hydro and Energy and in 2010 it started its first R&D project in the field of Hydrological Design of Flood Works for Arid River Basins (http://

  Our products

For the last 6 years (Feb 2012 – today) the company designed and constructed a disruptive and innovative solution for the Offshore Wind Industry, a floating platform (FloatMast®) for wind resource measurements. FloatMast® is a tension leg platform, equipped with a meteorological mast and remote sensors, capable of conducting the most accurate, reliable and cost effective floating wind measurements for design, financing and leasing purposes of Offshore Wind Parks. It has been the result of ETME’s joint venture with Streamlined Ltd, a naval engineering company, by working together with Centre for Renewable Energy Sources (CRES) and the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (HCMR).

Currently a 1:1 scale prototype has been constructed and undergone preliminary testing effectively rendering it operational for demonstration purposes. Commercialization activities undertaken at the current stage show a high potential and interest from the offshore wind industry market. The company is investing both its own cash and Angel Investors’ money in the FloatMast® innovation which has been awarded by the Hellenic Entrepreneurship Awards (2015) and by the E.C. (SME-Instrument- Phase-1 and 2) and by the Greek State by the PAVET and ESPA funding schemes. Most recently (2015 and 2017), FloatMastRADAR®, a new innovation by ETME, has been awarded by the European Defense Agency for its dual use in both the renewable energy sector and the sector of maritime surveillance anti-piracy, illegal sea border crossing, illegal fishing, security threats) by proposing a new permanent unmanned and autonomous multi-sensor surveillance platform.

ETME Peppas & As is an innovative SME company with the vision is to provide robust and cost-effective engineering solutions to our customers through state of the art and out of the box solutions.

  Our target audience

ETME provides B2B technology solutions and consulting services, for the private and public sector, for Hydro, Environmental and Offshore infrastructure works. Also through FloatMast® innovation the company addresses the Offshore Wind Industry and through FloatMastRADAR® the company addresses the maritime surveillance sector. For the purposes of commercial exploitation and business development, FloatMast® Ltd spin-off company was created.

ETME Peppas & Associates EE

Phone +30 210 7473427

  Why Us

ETME combines both extensive experience and out of the box innovation, providing thus top quality services, and state of the art solutions. Our dedicated team of engineers, carry the extensive knowledge of engineering practices and provide tailored engineering solutions to our customers.