Draxis - Innovation Greece
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Founded in 2000 in Thessaloniki – Greece, DRAXIS focuses on developing real life environmental ICT solutions and providing specialized environmental consultation services. Passionate about applying ICT, the company uses, combines and integrates remote sensing technologies, compound algorithms, Cloud Infrastructures, GIS, big data and other datasets to build multi-functional web-based platforms and mobile applications, decision making tools, crowdsourcing platforms, workflow systems and other software solutions. All solutions are supported by an effective consultation framework, always aiming at enhancing efficiency in the use of natural resources, and at supporting successful integration of various environmental aspects.

DRAXIS steadfast interest and dedication to use and develop new and innovative technologies in conjunction with its active contribution in national and European Research and Innovation projects, enable the company to provide top quality services of highest standard.

  Our products

DRAXIS portfolio includes a wide range of environmental ICT solutions targeting various fields, including e-government, air quality, weather forecasting, energy, waste management, sustainable agriculture and circular economy, etc. Indicatively, some of the solutions DRAXIS has developed include:

The Digital Waste Registry – DWR

The Digital Waste Registry is a tool developed for the Greek Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change, which enables online procedures for registration and verification in a database for companies (waste producers, transporters and waste recipients). DWR facilitates the users to fulfill their obligation of submitting an annual waste report about waste use, management and disposal, so as to both hamper the uncontrolled waste distribution and help the Greek Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change to apply the waste management policy according to the Greece’s Law 4042 requirements.


ENVI4ALL is a mobile application that offers information on current,  forecast and historical air pollution levels, making use of open data on air quality and user-generated information. The forecasts provided by the app are produced by DRAXIS’ advanced forecasting algorithms and models. Furthermore, users are able to state their feeling (perception) on air quality and see other people’s feelings. This information is used for estimating air pollution in areas where no open data are available, or for improving the accuracy of the information provided by open data.


iPIM is one of DRAXIS solutions that was granted by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 SME Instrument, and is a pipeline integrity monitoring system developed for the Oil & Gas industry. iPIM continuously monitors pipelines for cracks, corrosion and other faults and sends the information over a wireless communication system to a network monitoring centre. This information is processed and the fault is displayed over a 3D map of the pipeline. iPIM is comprised of a moving robotic mechanism and a permanently installed network of sensors. The iPIM system monitoring allows for accurate prediction of Progression of Cracks over time which is a valuable contribution to maintenance work planning to increase cost efficiency.

DRAXIS is a dynamic and socially responsible company, committed in providing custom-made state-of-the-art and standards-compliant technology solutions, as well as consulting services for the environmental field.

  Our target audience

DRAXIS provides custom-made state-of-the-art and standards-compliant technology solutions, as well as consulting services for the private and public sectors at local, national and European levels. DRAXIS portfolio includes more than 40 local and national authorities, and more than 150 private organisations. The company is interested in meeting private and public agencies to develop new partnerships, as well as investors interested in supporting innovative ICT environmental solutions.


Country Greece
Contact Person Evangelos Kosmidis
E-mail kosmidis@draxis.gr
Phone +30 2310 274566
Website https://www.draxis.gr