Innovation Management Workshop - Innovation Greece
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Innovation Management Workshop

Innovation Management Workshop

Innovation Greece and the EIT RawMaterilas Hub – Regional Center of Greece announce the organization of the “Innovation Management Workshop”.

Innovation Management introduces the systematic promotion of innovation in organizations, introducing a new approach on how to develop and improve new ideas until they become a reality.

Innovation management includes a flexible toolbox that can be applied to a wide range of productive enterprises, creating a new culture an incorporating the search of innovation as a building blocks in the respective organograms.

Innovation, active search and development and implementation of new ideas are also of primary importance in the Raw Materials Sector. In this context, the Regional Center of Greece announces the organization of “Innovation Management Workshop” giving the impetus for the prospect of using this tool within the wide field of raw materials. This activity is framed by the Scientific Cooperation of the Association of Greek Innovative Small and Medium Enterprises- Innovation Greece, which implements the training program: “Innovation Greece: Innovation Skills”.

The Innovation Management Workshop is aimed at employees in the wider field of WFD, and aims to provide the theoretical background of key concepts such as

• Innovation Management
• Innovation Business Planning
• Innovation Management & Exploitation

but also the tangible results of their implementation in four successful examples.

Date: 14 0ctober 2021

The event will be held in Greek.