Think Silicon Profile
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Think Silicon Profile

Think Silicon S.A. is a privately held Semiconductor Intellectual Property (SIP) technology company based and founded in 2007 in Patras (Greece), with a development center in Athens (Greece), WW sales & marketing office in Toronto (Canada) and sales offices in San Jose (CA, North America), Cologne (Germany, EMEA region), Taipei (Taiwan), Tokyo (Japan).

  Our expertise

Think Silicon is specialized in designing extreme small, ultra-low power, high-performance 2D & 3D graphics (GPU), display (DP) microprocessor cores and Artificial Intelligence inference accelerators for machine learning vision applications for IoT/Edge end nodes (AI-ISP). Our hardware & software design team has a vast experience in IC design and covers the complete flow of a SoC design; from the architectural level to chip production.

  • 2D and 3D graphics

  • DP microprocessor cores

  • AI inference accelerators

  Our products

Think Silicon is developing and licensing the most power efficient graphics SIP technology in the world. NEMA® is the only graphics solution for smart IoT devices providing smart-phone like user experience, while extending battery life, keeping the cost low and shortening the time-to-market.

The above is achievable due to the NEMA®’s patent protected technology which provides ultra-low power consumption and low cost by decreasing silicon area and memory requirements while shortening the development time by using the NEMA® Software Development Kit (SDK).

Based on our core technology and patent portfolio the latest enhancement of our IP Portfolio is an Artificial Intelligence inference accelerator for machine learning vision applications for IoT/Edge end nodes.

  IP Portfolio

NEMA®|GPU - Graphics Processing Units

NEMA®|DP - Display Processing Units

NEMA®|NN – AI Vision Processing Accelerators

The patented ultra-low power technology can be re-used across all three product lines, to develop matrix product features and portfolios. Think Silicon technology extends battery life from days to weeks in handheld devices, decreases system-level power consumption and reduces the system cost significantly.

Think Silicon is developing and licensing the most power efficient graphics Semiconductor Intellectual Property (SIP) technology and artificial intelligence (AI) inference-accelerator for computer vision applications


Think Silicon partnered with Synopsys Inc (leading company for Electronic Design Automation (EDA) and IP products) and built together an ultra-low power IoT platform for display devices resulting into a test-chip supporting their customers. Additionally, partnership with SiFive targets the design and manufacture of the first chip that implements the RISC-V architecture alongside with a GPU. The company has also developed strategic partnerships with Samsung (GPU department), Codeplay (leading company in graphics and many-core compiler technology) and the best Universities across Europe through H2020 EU funded projects.

Think Silicon S.A.

Country Greece
Contact Person George Sidiropoulos
Phone +30 2610 911543


NEMA® GPUs-Series, are the smallest (by size) and the most power efficient (by leakage & active power) of its kind, today available in the market. Our microprocessor technology becomes integrated into silicon-area limited chips and find its place in consumer and industrial products where battery life and system cost are crucial. The (end-) products are smart IoT devices with displays and/or camera-lenses, such as wearables (smartwatches, fitness bands), AI-cameras, home appliances (refrigerators, washing machines, phones), home automation/control, POS, healthcare and any display-controlled systems.


Think Silicon’s customer base includes multibillion technology companies, designing and fabricating chips, like Microchip Corp, Dialog Semiconductor, Sequans Communications, Lattice Semiconductor and Faraday Corporation.