proACTINA Profile
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proACTINA Profile

proACTINA SA is a privately-owned, research-driven and innovation-focused clinical stage SME, founded in 2006 in Athens-Greece. Through the establishment of successful collaborations with the academia, industry and other SME’s, the company’s activities focus on the diagnostics/biomarkers field; the “SME Instrument Phase 2” grant awarded in 2015 (€4.7mio) further strengthens the company’s position as a global player in this area.

Pro-ACTINA’s vision is to become a leader in the diagnostics for brain abnormalities by building in-house expertise and by establishing strategic collaborations for the development of novel non-invasive diagnostic tools. Our mission is to provide patients and doctors with innovative, cost-effective diagnostic solutions as integrated parts of precision-medicine approaches.

  Our innovation

proACTINA is currently partnering with both academia and industry for the implementation of GLIOMARK, a “Horizon 2020” 4-year project (the only “Health” SME Instrument awarded grant in Greece) for the clinical validation of an in vivo biomarker for glioma (brain tumour) diagnosis. The end-product will consist of a diagnostic radiopharmaceutical kit, containing the active substance tetrofosmin, for Single-Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT), repositioned by both clinical & pharmaceutical development specifically for brain imaging. This non-invasive diagnostic technique will provide reliable glioma diagnosis with high sensitivity & specificity aiming to reduce the need for invasive and costly biopsy


pro-ACTINA is pursuing the clinical and manufacturing development of a novel, non-invasive, cost-effective diagnostic tool for differential diagnosis of gliomas (brain tumours).

  Our Unique Selling Points

  • 1st Validated Imaging Biomarker for glioma diagnosis.
  • Non-invasive solution for differential diagnosis & evaluation of brain tumours.
  • Promoting personalized treatment of glioma patients worldwide.
  • Repositioning of well-established diagnostic product through the commercialization of a radiopharmaceutical kit for brain SPECT imaging.
  • “Orphan” status granted in the EU.


Country Greece
Contact Person Dr. Alexandros Strongylos, CEO
Phone +30 2106 622 386